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The Pines at Davidson is an independent, not-for-profit, continuing care retirement community located in Davidson, North Carolina. The Pines began as an idea in the hearts and minds of local residents who were members of Davidson College Presbyterian Church. It is a vibrant community of active individuals who enjoy an independent lifestyle of social and recreational activities. The Pines provides many services to every resident, whether they are living independently, or reside in our state-of-the-art Schramm Health Center. Residents have the assurance that every attempt will be made to meet their needs as they mature in life.

Residents of The Pines at Davidson come from all areas of the United States, from different socioeconomic levels, and from many backgrounds and religious denominations. However, they do share a common interest in the enjoyment of cultural, educational, recreational and social activities found at The Pines. For that reason, you will notice an active and attractive group of residents living here. Many play golf or tennis, some enjoy boating or swimming, or taking walks. There is no structured schedule – you come and go as you please.

Our residents say it over and over: “Don’t wait. Do it now. You’ll ask yourself, “Why didn’t I do this years ago?’”

The best time to move is while you’re active, healthy and able to enjoy everything we have to offer. People who wait until they’re facing a health problem have fewer options. They’re forced to make a decision under duress. If you want a truly carefree retirement, don’t postpone it. Seize the day!

Research shows that seniors gain vitality and strength at the right senior community. They’re actively involved in wellness, with professionals to guide them, in everything from fitness to nutrition. They take part in a vibrant social and intellectual life. They make new friends who brighten their lives.

Above all, they don’t have to worry about long-term care since they’re living in a community with its own top health center. Loneliness, isolation and worry make people frail and dependent before their time. The Pines at Davidson is the road to vitality and enrichment.

The Pines offers an impressive variety of residential floor plans for independent living. Within the main Apartment Building accommodations range from Studios to Two-Bedroom Suites. The advantage is being connected to the other buildings through climate-controlled walkways. Our Duplex Cottages offer a greater sense of independence and enable one to garden around the porch and patio. The Cottages feature two bedrooms, a galley-type kitchen, and a study and sunroom. The Villas at Laurel Ridge offer apartments ranging up to 1,870 square feet and have covered parking, gas fireplaces and abundant storage spaces. The Villas at Poplar Hill offer one- and two-bedroom floor plans, complete with a split-bedroom modern design, large island with granite countertops and options including a balcony, sunroom or study. No matter where you live at The Pines, all residents enjoy the same services and benefits.

The Pines’ residential accommodations have been designed for comfort and distinctive living, yet careful consideration has been given to specifications that provide barrier-free access. With accessible design, the same living accommodation continues to meet a resident’s needs as more assistance becomes necessary. These features will be unnoticeable in day-to-day life, but they will provide peace of mind.

The Pines provides floor coverings, kitchen appliances, lighting fixtures, electrical and telephone outlets, cable television hookups, emergency call systems and smoke detectors connected to a centrally monitored system, individual thermostatic controls, hot water heater, fire-retardant and sound-controlled construction, and covered patios or balconies.

Residents pay an entrance fee and a monthly fee. These fees vary according to the type of living accommodation and the number of residents living there.

Entrance Fee. This is a one-time payment that entitles the resident to the exclusive right to occupy the apartment, cottage or villa selected and to use and enjoy the common areas, programs and amenities of The Pines for life. The entrance fee also assures the resident access to the Schramm Health Center, either on a temporary or permanent basis, at substantial savings over comparable nursing facilities. There are three Entrance Fee options to choose from:

The Standard Entrance Fee involves the least amount payable upon occupancy. Should a resident leave The Pines for any reason during the first 12 months of occupancy, The Pines will refund the entrance fee, less a 5% administrative fee and 5% for each month of occupancy.

The 50% or 90% Refundable Options require larger entrance fees payable based on actuarial tables, yet allow for either 50% or 90% of the amount paid to be refunded to the resident, or the resident’s estate, upon leaving The Pines.

Monthly Fee. This fee provides for the ongoing daily services mentioned in the description of fees, and depends on whether there are one or two people in a residence. The Pines will keep this fee as low as feasible with sound finance practices.

Concerned that you won’t be able to obtain a particular residence? Don’t give up. Opportunities regularly present themselves. The best way to get your ideal space is to become a member of the Future Residency Program to ensure your place in line for a unit of your choosing. Please click here to contact a marketing representative at (704) 896-1100.

Yes, secure parking is available.

Dogs and cats are allowed in the cottages and villas. Some restrictions may apply, so please contact us to discuss this.

The Community Center includes a central dining room, private dining room, formal living room, beverage lounge, multi-purpose room, library, arts and crafts room, TV and game room, meeting room, central mailboxes, branch bank, cafe, woodworking shop, gazebo and courtyard area, barber & beauty shop and administrative offices. The Apartment Building includes independent living accommodations, various residential lounges, billiard room, computer room, laundry rooms and resident storage areas. The Schramm Health Center is comprised of the Workman Wellness Center and Assisted Living and Nursing accommodations. The Workman Wellness Center includes a warm-water therapy pool, hot-water whirlpool, men’s and women’s dressing rooms, exercise equipment rooms and a Wellness Clinic staffed by a registered nurse six days a week.

The Pines at Davidson complements its independent living environment with an on-site, state-of-the-art health center and a personalized wellness program for its residents.

The Schramm Health Center serves those persons who need nursing care and assistance with activities of daily living. The Purcell Wing is reserved for those residents with dementia-related illnesses needing special care.

Assisted Living accommodations are reserved for those individuals who are somewhat independent, yet cannot completely manage their day-to-day affairs. This level of care provides some supervision and assistance in monitoring medications and minor health-related conditions.

The Wellness Concept at The Pines emphasizes an interdisciplinary team approach to each resident’s care. It further promotes a high quality of life by addressing diet, social, psychological and spiritual needs as well as basic physical needs.

Most people in their retirement years have a need for some temporary health care, but statistics show the majority of retirees do not require permanent long-term care. They could spend most of their residency in independent living and never need assisted living or skilled nursing. The Pines has developed a modified life-care approach to health-care costs that offers quality health care and services at a substantial financial discount. While residing in independent living, a resident of The Pines is entitled to 14 non-cumulative “exempt days” per calendar year in Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing Care accommodations in the Schramm Health Center. During these 14 “exempt days,” the resident will have no increase in the monthly residential fee, except for the costs of two additional meals per day and any ancillary healthcare costs. Once all 14 “exempt days” have been used or upon permanent transfer to Assisted Living or Nursing Care, the resident will begin to pay the published per diem rate for the Health Care Center accommodation plus ancillary health care costs not included in the per diem rate.

The Pines at Davidson was developed by local townspeople who are committed to its success.  Three separate groups work together to provide a high quality of life for the residents, while operating in a sound financial manner.

Management Team The Board of Directors has selected an experienced Executive Director and management team to staff and manage the day-to-day operations and to implement the policies of the Board of Directors.

The Pines’ Residents’ Association Each resident of The Pines is a member of The Pines’ Residents’ Association. The Association is comprised of Officers, a Resident Council, and multiple committees.  It is a liaison body, interpreting administrative policies to residents, and conveying to the administration suggestions regarding any phase of life and service of The Pines.  A system has been established to address individual resident concerns or suggestions to the Management Team and Board of Directors.

Board of Directors The Board of Directors is comprised of leading citizens, business executives, active and retired professionals, and other influential leaders who volunteer from a four-county area and serve rotating terms.

Living at The Pines at Davidson is normally within the financial reach of most people who own a home or have savings and average retirement income. Prices vary with the residential accommodation, single or double occupancy and the services received.

Age – Present admission requirements are that an applicant be at least 65 years of age. A spouse may be 62 years of age.

Health – Applicants for The Pines residential living accommodations must be able to care for themselves independently in a residential setting. To promote a healthy environment, The Pines has adopted a no-smoking policy within all common areas and living accommodations.

Non-Discriminatory – The Pines does not unlawfully discriminate in admissions decisions or with respect to residents on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, disability or national origin.

Yes. The Pines’ Future Residency Program is an important step in assuring oneself of a move to The Pines in the future.

If you’re younger than 70 and you don’t want limited use of The Pines’ facilities, you can pay a non-refundable $100 fee.

If you’re 70 or older, or if you’d like limited use of facilities before becoming a resident, you can pay a fully refundable $1,000 fee.

An individual may apply for the Future Residency Program at any age. The deposit is fully refundable should the applicant be disapproved by the Admissions Review Committee.

Many unforeseen causes can legitimately deplete a residents’ resources, such as unexpected medical expenses or a financial reversal. That’s why The Pines at Davidson has a Resident Support Fund, established to help residents of modest means who meet The Pines’ financial requirements for admission but may outlive their resources. Residents qualify when their net assets are diminished to $10,000 and their income is inadequate to cover monthly fees and basic living expenses. The Pines’ Board of Directors established several criteria to verify financial need of those seeking assistance. To assure the legitimacy of requests, a confidential financial reconciliation from time of entry is required and copies of past tax returns are requested.

Yes. The Pines at Davidson is not-for-profit and tax exempt under section 501 (c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Davidson College is one of the nation’s best liberal arts colleges. This Presbyterian-related college is the focal point of this small community and opens its doors for all to enjoy the many concerts, lectures, artists series programs, varsity sporting events, theatrical and musical performances that occur year round. Residents of The Pines may even audit courses in the regular curriculum for a small fee. Many student groups entertain residents at The Pines, and some residents have even “adopted” students through a special program at the college.

Located only two-and-a-half miles from The Pines at Davidson, this elegant club gives our residents an exceptional recreational and social benefit. Partially designed by professional golfer Raymond Floyd, River Run is a championship course and a challenge to many. Residents of The Pines are entitled to modified corporate membership, which allows a person to use and benefit from the amenities without initiation fee, annual dues or minimum restaurant charges. Residents may play golf at a special reduced rate, or charge goods and services in the clubhouse and have the bill added to their monthly invoice at The Pines. Membership at River Run does not affect a resident’s entrance fee or monthly fee at The Pines.

The Board of Directors of The Pines has adopted a No-Smoking Policy declaring that no smoking will be allowed on the premises of The Pines, including all indoor and outdoor areas, except as permitted in the policy.  The policy applies to all Residents who begin living at The Pines after July 1, 2012, unless (1) they enter into a Residence and Care Agreement with The Pines prior to July 1, 2012 or (2) they enter into a Future Residency Agreement after July 1, 2012 and begin living at The Pines no later than December 31, 2012.  The policy also applies to all guests of Residents and other visitors to The Pines.

Residents who (1) are living at The Pines as of July 1, 2012, (2) enter into a Residence and Care Agreement with The Pines prior to July 1, 2012, (3) enter into a Future Residency Agreement after July 1, 2012 and begin living at The Pines no later than December 31, 2012, may continue to smoke in outdoor areas on the premises of The Pines (including on outdoor balconies and outdoor patios provided smoke does not enter the building), but they may not smoke in any indoor areas on the premises of The Pines.

Residents who entered into Residence and Care Agreements with The Pines prior to October 25, 2007, may continue to smoke within their living units and in outdoor areas on the premises of The Pines.

The Pines does not warrant or promise that the premises and common areas will be free from second hand smoke.  The Pines’ ability to create a smoke free environment is dependent in significant part on voluntary compliance by the Residents and their guests. The No-Smoking Policy is subject to revision by action of the Board of Directors of The Pines.