The spirit of The Pines

Many houses of worship and charities are ready to welcome you to our faith based community in Davidson, NC.

“Since retiring in 1990, I have built and operated humanitarian programs that have distributed over 18,000,000 packets of vegetable seeds to poor, hungry and malnourished people in over 70 countries and five continents. This has enabled people to grow food rich in vitamins and minerals often missing in their diets.”

A Resident of The Pines

One of the key gifts of retirement is time. Time to do more for your faith based community. Time to learn more about all things spiritual.

Davidson and the surrounding communities near The Pines have a never-ending list of not-for-profit organizations and houses of worship awaiting you. From the Lake Norman YMCA to the gathering places of many faiths, you can contribute to the region, continue with or become part of a spiritual group, and volunteer your skills for a host of life-changing causes.

Schedule a visit to The Pines. Learn more about the many not-for-profits and places of faith which you can visit by clicking on the tabs.