A selection of The Pines’ Learning in Retirement presentations

If you want to appreciate the phrase “the vibrancy of a college community,” join a packed house of residents for our Learning in Retirement program. Davidson College professors come to The Pines at Davidson to share their insights on fascinating topics like these.

Given by Davidson College professors.

  • Faith and Science: Can We Talk?
  • Secrets and Health Risks
  • Cognitive Training for Older Adults
  • China’s Rise: Implications for China and the World
  • Designing Sets for the Stage Using Computer Graphics
  • The Shia-Sunni Islam Controversy
  • The Space Program: Where Are We Going?
  • Pompeii
  • Shakespearean Resurrection
  • Astrology and the Reformation
  • The First Three Minutes of the Universe: What We Know, How We Know It and What We Still Need to Figure Out
  • Bird Research at Davidson College
  • Genomics and You
  • Davidson Collects: 1938-Present, an Introduction to the College’s Art Collection
  • From Slavery to Wage Labor: Domestic Servitude in the New South
  • Are Broken Brains Doomed to Dysfunction?