Saying “thanks” and preserving The Pines.

Generosity today can live on and on.

A grateful resident who joined The Jetton Deferred Giving Society notes, “It gave us a way to keep saying “thank you” for all that The Pines has meant to us and to help assure its continuing presence for generations to come.  It’s a great way to combine the past (building and maintaining The Pines), the present (the wonderful people now living here), and the future (those residents and improvements yet to come) in one gift.  And that gift will keep giving long after we’re gone.”

The Jetton Deferred Giving Society recognizes donors whose support of The Pines extends beyond their lifetimes. It honors the late Sarah Elizabeth Jetton and her brother, William Howard Jetton, whose leadership and generosity helped to establish The Pines. Deferred gifts can be designated for a particular fund, such as the Chaplaincy, Entry Assistance, or Resident Support Fund.

There are many ways to make a deferred gift to The Pines. They include:

  • Bequest: including The Pines at Davidson in your estate plans. Gifts at any level are welcomed.
  • Trust: designating The Pines as the remainder beneficiary of a trust arrangement.
  • Life Insurance Policy: naming The Pines as a full or partial beneficiary.
  • Retirement Plan or IRA: designating The Pines as a full or partial beneficiary.
  • Investment or Savings Account: naming The Pines as a full or partial beneficiary. 

Please call the Director of Development at (704) 896-1100 or contact us online for more information about planned gifts and The Jetton Deferred Giving Society.

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