Living at The Pines benefits residents and their families.

Our senior community near Charlotte, NC fills life with friendship and fun

Leaving a home–especially one you have lived in for many years–is a big decision. Making your new home at the best senior living community near Charlotte, NC will benefit both you and your family. Studies confirm that people living in senior communities like The Pines have longer, healthier and more active lives. The reasons are simple.

Human beings are social creatures. Interacting with people from varied backgrounds feeds a basic need. At The Pines, you’ll find many activities and ways to serve. And you’ll enjoy interactions with Davidson College, its vibrant students and its professors. The opportunities for personal growth are vast.

Now think for a moment of your family, especially your children. They’ll feel better knowing you’re in a safe, caring community that provides medical care and assistance when needed.

Don’t let the good times at The Pines pass you by. Schedule a tour to see The Pines today. It will be the first step towards a wonderful life.

Thanks for helping us make choices, keeping us posted on dates, checking to be sure things were getting done, etc. We felt supported at each step. It has now been several months since we moved into our new home at The Pines. We are deeply grateful for the expressed warmth and ongoing support offered to us through the challenges of major transition. We have discovered The Pines community is a great place to face the challenges of growing older together. You have blessed our lives.

a resident of The Pines