The Pines offers answers to your charitable giving questions.

“A donor feels more like a vital part of the concept and mission of The Pines than a mere resident.”

A Resident at The Pines

Charitable gifts have allowed The Pines to make important improvements that otherwise would have required resident fee increases or loans.  As a result, donations help keep The Pines more affordable.  As a not-for-profit, The Pines uses charitable gifts to improve the community continuously, to support residents who may outlive their resources and to open its doors to people with limited financial resources.

The Pines was created and has grown into the wonderful community it is today, thanks in large part to charitable contributions. The founding donors cared about their friends and neighbors; through your support, you join them, securing the financial strength of this wonderful community and helping it continue to provide an array of important services to those in their retirement years.

The Pines is a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit corporation. Gifts to The Pines are deductible on your income tax, up to the amounts allowed by law. Some charitable gifts may also have tax-benefited status, such as reduction of capital gains taxes. Please consult with your financial advisor to confirm the tax benefits of your gift to The Pines.

Every gift, no matter the size, helps to assure The Pines’ continued success in its charitable mission. The Pines recognizes that every person has different financial circumstances, and that’s why it offers many different Ways of Giving.  Please contact us to learn how your gift, no matter its size, will be used wisely and appreciated greatly.

The Pines at Davidson is audited annually by a public accounting firm and its audited financial statements are available upon request by contacting the Director of Development, the Director of Marketing or the Director of Financial Services for The Pines.