A selection of The Pines'

Learning in Retirement presentations.

Given by Davidson College professors.

  • Faith and Science: Can We Talk?
  • Secrets and Health Risks
  • Cognitive Training for Older Adults
  • China's Rise: Implications for China and the World
  • Designing Sets for the Stage Using Computer Graphics
  • Challenges and Choices in Afghanistan
  • The Shi's-Sunni Islam Controversy
  • The Space Program: Where Are We Going?
  • Pompeii
  • Africa and the Obama Administration: Challenges and Policy Options
  • Shakespearean Resurrection * Astrology and the Reformation
  • The First Three Minutes of the Universe: What We Know, How We Know It and What We Still Need to Figure Out
  • Bird Research at Davidson College
  • Genomics and You
  • Davidson Collects: 1938-Present, an Introduction to the College's Art Collection
  • From Slavery to Wage Labor: Domestic Servitude in the New South
  • Are Broken Brains Doomed to Dysfunction?
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