Exceeding Expectations: The strategic plan that focuses on what The Pines must do well to succeed.

A vibrant senior community near Charlotte, NC with a bright future.

Exceeding Expectations.

That's the name of our comprehensive strategic plan, which articulates in detail our goals and measurable objectives.

Our Core Purpose is to provide excellence in all aspects of retirement community living.

Established by our Board of Directors, the strategic plan drives the day-to-day work of our staff, from kitchen aides to senior management. We set specific goals and regularly measure our progress. In doing so, we ensure The Pines continues to offer high-quality living as it plans for the future.  

Explore the specifics of the plan by clicking on the tabs. Once you have, please call (704) 896-1100 or set up an appointment online to visit us.

“This is my home for over twenty years, and it is a wonderful, caring community.  Anything I can give to make it better is a pleasure.” – a resident of The Pines

Mission Statement

Our mission: To provide high quality housing, health care and other services that exceed residents' expectations.

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